September 11, 2001 defined and changed the course of modern world history!
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We Ain't Nobody!
God in His infinite wisdom doesn't give all biblical understanding and revelation to any one man. As the Body of Christ,
we each contribute a portion of what God has given, which makes up the whole. Each joint fit in it's proper position to
give a complete
"picture" or understanding of the prophetic scriptures as revealed in the context of world events.

Therefore, the Church is not comprised of a group of disjointed, independent, self serving, personal agenda seeking
individuals, as often portrayed by the cult of popular church culture. But is instead, comprised of those interdependent
individuals submitted to and being led by the Spirit of God! Whose true purpose is to serve God with heart and eyes
toward heaven, focused on the prophetic duty of the church, which in part is to sound the warning alarm about current
events, by identifying and interpreting them as God sees them, and making these
realities known to which the world is
otherwise blinded.
The Meaning of September 11 is one such reality, but not in a dogmatic sense recognizing that it
is merely a portion of the whole.
We are simply reporting the facts of what has and is clearly unfolding on this
The hope is that through reading, the Spirit of God will birth the apocalyptic expectancy which should exist in
all Believers who have a sense of the end towards which this world is unequivocally moving. The true determination of
where history is moving prophetically is
NOT how world events affect the United States, but how they impact Jewish

If we look at the world the way the scriptures do, then we must view the actions of the peoples and nations as they are
related to Israel.  Biblical history is the history of the nation of Israel.  Israel is God’s prophetic time piece. The bible
mentions gentile nations only insofar as they had contact with the nation of Israel. We believe that what occurs in the
United States is significant, because as the last remaining superpower on planet earth, and the major guarantee of
Israel’s peace and security, the US remains as an obstacle to the fulfillment of biblical Prophecy concerning Israel. With
this perspective, the events of
September 11, 2001, were prophetically important. Selah!

We are (2) The Point Ministries. Our calling is to the Body of Christ. Our mission is to sound the warning alarm to
awaken our Lord's people, and to prepare them to be faithful and wise stewards awaiting the Masters return while;
Proclaiming the Sovereignty and Supremacy of God!